Above: 1745 map showing the importance of an east-west connection

Your Ideas from the community engagement process
The key ideas and themes that emerged from previous workshops were:

These formed our starting point.

Project development
Research and consideration of these ideas has identified some interesting and significant findings:

Significance of place
Records suggest that Crosscausey may have been one of the earlier streets in Edinburgh to be 'paved'. Historical plans also indicated the earliest street pattern provided an important east west connection within the south of the city.

Significance of name
Cobbles used to form the early street surfaces in Edinburgh were called “cassies” or “causeys”. It is this early use of innovative materials and surfacing techniques on our site that is likely to have given rise to its place name. 'Crosscausey' – meaning the cross street that is paved.

Significance of location
Due to close proximity and early timing of work it is likely that the original material used to pave the street was sourced from the old quarry at Salisbury Crags, not far from the view looking eastwards to Arthur’s Seat.

Significance of material
The quarry at Salisbury Crags provided basalt; derived from volcanic activity, it is a hard grey igneous rock ideally suited as a paving material. A few of the very early streets of Edinburgh were surfaced using this material. Some of the existing road setts on West Crosscauseway may indeed be formed from this basalt.

Geological significance
It was in the 18th Century at this quarry on Salisbury Crags that James Hutton, known as the founder of modern geology, arrived at his 'Theory of the Earth'. Hutton recognised that the history of the Earth could be determined by understanding how processes such as erosion and sedimentation work.

Consultation & field trips
We have talked with Edinburgh Geological Society and undertaken a field trip to Salisbury Crags & Hutton's Section to see for ourselves and better understand the geological characteristics and significance of the location.

Our interpretation


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Artist's impressions of The Causey

Above: view of Causey from Chapel Street looking east

Above: West Crosscauseway looking west

Above: West Crosscauseway from Nicolson Street

These images represent the ambience of the proposed scheme and the increased opportunity the space will have for community events use. The proposals aim to create a thriving Southside hub and place where people can meet, neighbours can chat and businesses can prosper. Lighting and art have played an important role for previous temporary installations and will continue to play an important role as the project is developed.

If supported, the current scheme will be taken to construction design stage with all necessary approvals and consents secured. Funding is currently being secured and delivery is likely to happen in multiple project stages. Our ambition is to commence work on site by the end of March 2016.

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