Public consultation on outline proposals

public consultation

Above: a visitor considers the outline proposals at our three-day public consultation in June 2010

What's going on?

Since 2007, when The Causey Development Trust (CDT) – initially known as the West Crosscauseway Association – collaborated with Arcade Architects to transform the traffic island at West Crosscauseway into an elegant tropical island, we have been working to return The Causey to its original role, a vibrant place for people at the heart of the Southside of Edinburgh.

With the participation of local people in Ideas Workshops and the support of local organisations and the City of Edinburgh Council CDT has held Ideas Workshops to uncover the community’s ideas for how the place can be used and designed for people and not cars.

In June 2010 outline proposals based on our community's ideas were presented in a public consultation in Edinburgh. The exhibition included film and presentations of the area's history and the workshops. Photos of the event are available on Flickr. The proposals are now online for those who were not able to attend the initial consultation.

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Tell us what you think of the outline proposals

We’ve gathered together all the ideas from the Community Ideas Workshops one, two and three analysed them and developed them into a ‘brief’ for the design of the Causey. Using this brief, we’ve developed a strategy and draft outline design proposals.

This Public Consultation invites you to consider and comment on the draft design proposals that have arisen from the Workshops and tell us which one you prefer.

Please take a moment to view the short video below that explains what the proposals are about before posting your comments.

Option 1

option 1

Option 1 is to alter the slope and form a series of terraces stepping down the slope. Between each terrace there would be steps which could be used as informal seating. The terraces would create a series of smaller, more intimate areas.

Examples of how stepped surfaces create informal seating

stepped surface

stepped surface


Option 2

option 2

Option 2 is to retain the slope as it is but radically alter the paving of the surface into a pattern that emphasises the triangular shape of the space. This option would give a larger space and allow flexibility to hold events.

Examples of how a large open space could be enjoyed by the community

community spaces

community spaces

community spaces



  1. Please download this feedback form (pdf)

  2. Tell us what you think of a stepped or sloped open space

  3. Post it it to:

    The Causey Development Trust– Public consultation
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