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2007: The Causey and SIX CITIES design festival

The Causey project was originally conceived by ARCADE Architects and included as part of the SIX CITIES Design Festival 2007. Following consultation and a creative ideas workshop, the local community decided to transform the busy traffic island into a tropical island and space for people. The event ran from 26-28 May 2007 and was hugely enjoyed by over 500 people per day. The temporary project was so successful that it won an award and inspired members of the local community to form The West Crosscauseway Association (WCCA) – now known as The Causey Development Trust – in order to develop more ideas and transform the space permanently.

ARCADE proposed the question: ‘could good design transform The Causey into a place full of life and people?’ – from a space for vehicles into a space for people. The proposal included working with the local community and artists to embed the design project as a cultural event in the community. The principal aim was to change people’s perception of planners and open their eyes to the quality and potential for urban spaces to be reclaimed as places for people.

The space would then be more sustainable as a local resource. The idea also resonated with City Design Champion Sir Terry Farrell’s aims for Edinburgh to become a ‘walking city’. In the process, local people might also gain an understanding of local history and have an opportunity to express their thoughts on the future of the space.

On this page you can watch a time-lapse video of the event and a video documenting the project. Download the report to read more about the aims of the project, the consultation, funding and legacy including feedback from the community.

Timelapse of the initial Causey project being set up in May 2007

Documentary of the initial Causey project, 2007

Final Report of The Causey 2007

Download a Final Report about the 2007 event
PDF download download pdf (2.6MB)