community members assessing the space

Above: workshop particpants evaluate the current space. The Causey Development Trust encourages our community to join in and share their hopes and ideas for the Causey. Photo by Peter Dibdin.

Accessibility at West Crosscauseway

West Crosscauseway (The Causey) connects the busy streets of Nicolson and Buccleuch Street. The west end of the street is dominated by a wide traffic island, popular with traffic as a turning circle for cutting through, often at some speed, from Nicolson Street to Buccleuch Street.

A ‘table’ has been installed that the east end of the street, improving access for pedestrians and wheelchair users. At the west end, however, this is limited as there is only one dropped kerb, forcing wheelchair users to take a more indirect route, and there are no marked crossing places for pedestrians.

Accessibility at our meetings

Most of our meetings are held on the ground floor of the Southside Community Centre, Nicolson Street. If you have any concerns about accessibility at a meeting please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you at the venue.

Pedestrian access is through the large door facing on to Nicolson Street. There are several steps. Unobstructed access is available through a footpath on Nicolson Street just to the right-hand side of the front door. It winds round the Centre to the entry door at the back of the building. Similarly a lane – Quarry Close – leads from West Crosscauseway to the back entry. There are accessible toilets on the ground floor.

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